America’s Youngest Outcasts

NJ Improves to 7th Since 2006
Risk of Homelessness still too high

America’s Youngest OutcastsThe National Center on Family Homelessness has released a new report, America’s Youngest Outcasts 2010, which documents the numbers of homeless children in every state, their well-being, their risk for child homelessness, and state level planning and policy activities.

Click here for a New Jersey fact sheet that includes children’s health, food security, education, housing and state policy data.

The report found 10,776 homeless children in New Jersey in 2010 and ranked the state 1st (the best) in the extent of children’s homelessness. But the state ranked 25th regarding the risk of children’s homelessness and 19th for State Policy and Planning.

The report used findings from numerous sources that include well-established national data sets as well as their own research and The National Center on Family Homelessness ranks the states in four domains and then develop a composite of these domains to rank the states from 1 (best) to 50 (worst).

Click here for an interactive map where you can access state data and for a link to the full report.